Violeth Kessy

Student Name: Violeth Kessy

Village Ruwa

Referral Exupery Mosha

Social: mother in Dar

Home Visit: None to date



Am a young lady going by the name of Violeth Kessy, in our family we are two, me and my lovely sister, my father passed away from I was little kid so I did not have chance to know him, we were living very hard life, I thank God my mother was struggling to raise us in a good manner until I finished primary school.

The results were out and I was selected to join Secondary School but all the time was problem because I did not have anything even exercise books and school fees so the teachers used to chase me out of school frequently but I did not lose hope.

I continue praying to God and I knew one day he will take show me the way, one day our head teacher told us that all student who their parents passed away either both of them or one parents should write their names.

One day the head teacher called all of us who wrote our names and told us that we have got a sponsor who was Mama Stephanie, she paid our school fees as well as other school contributions like uniforms until I finished form four.

I passed well in my form four exams, my mother was working very hard to support me, she sold our piece of land and paid for my college fees of studying Certificate but at that moment I was thinking who will support me for Diploma studies??

After I got certificate I went to see the head master who helped to communicate again with Mama Stephanie and I was so happy with her positive response that she will continue to support me for Diploma studies, am now at College of Business Education (CBE) Dodoma pursuing Diploma of Accountancy.

I thank God and am praying so as to get more sponsorship for my degree studies.

Have a nice day



History of KSF Tuition Project Funding


$105,000 Ifati School fees Form 1


$128,000 Form 2

2 counter books pens/ pencils


$95,000 Form 3

3 counter books pens pencils


$138,000 Form 4

3 counterbooks pens pencils

2012 – gone to Dar to stay with family..Mother sold family farm to pay tuition fees for Violeth.  Mother currently works in Dar selling in market.


$1,200,000 College of Business Education Diploma program Tanga


$1,680,000  College of Business Education  Diploma program Dodoma

$50,000 Books stationary


$55,000 Books Stationary.

$30.000 Transport to return home from school


Graduated with Diploma

Hi! thanks for contact me,sorry my mom in TZ its difficult diploma course to get the job there are many people who  was finished the diploma now  they live in home without any activities.My mom  i allow you to  put my profile in your website inorder  to continued to study because now way to get another scholarship. I  HAVE NOT ANYTHING TO GIVE YOU BUT THE GOD WILL GIVE YOU  AND PROTECT YOU ,HAVE A NICE NIGHT!!!

This student wishes to continue to study and has agreed to have details posted in order to attract a  school sponsor.