Students Seeking Sponsorship

In 2013 students, known to the Kilema OVC Program and KSF Tuition Program, who have completed secondary or vocational study will be eligible to post a request for funding toward further study. They will be offered an opportunity to post their educational history, future goals, school fee schedules and references for consideration by potential sponsors.

Look here to meet a student not only with a dream but a  track record too! These are students we have been following for years and we know they will succeed if given the chance.  Have a look at students you might help.




Wishing to study: University of Library, Archives and Documentation Studies, Bagamoyo , Tanzania,  3 year program

$4,000,000 shilling per year

Her story

Dear Friend,

My name is Idda Novath Mashina and I am twenty year’s old.  I am the last born of my family of seven children.  I have two sisters and four brothers.  My mother’s name is Daria and my father’s name is Novath.  In our family I am the only one who got education.  I have studied my primary education atKilaiPrimary Schoolfor seven years.  After I finished my primary education in 2007, I selected to join with a secondary education atRukimaSecondary School.  I studied there for four years from form one up to form four.


According to my results of form four, I decided to join with UniversityofLibrary Archivesand Documentation Studies (SLADS) which is in Bagamoyo.  Bagamoyo is very far from my village so I would need to board there to go to school  I cannot afford to do this because of a lack of school fees and transportation costs to get  to Bagamoyo.

If I am able to get my SLADS Diploma I would like to work at the Library to store books which contain information about our cultural and recording keeping,  also to classify books and catalogue books

In our family my parents are farmers of small agriculture and that is why they have no money to pay school fees for me.There are four people who live in my house.  My house is made of wood and lava rock.  We have one cow and two sheep.  There is a stream near my house where we collect water.  We grow maize, bananas and coffee on our plot for our family to eat.

So I write this story to you in order that you might be able to give me your assistance please.  At the university we will learn for three years, one year for a certificate and then two years for the Diploma.

So my friend, please help me to save my life with education and I welcome you to come toTanzania.  I live in Kilimanjaro region atRuwaVillage.


Thank you, Idda Novath Mashina




Meet Margareth!



Wishing to obtain a Diploma in Accounting.

Her Story:


My  name is Magreth Silivestry Mbuya. I was born in 1992 atKibongotoHospital which found in Hai District. I was living with my parents but later my Mom died there after I was continue living with my father, and my father job is shoemaker. My primary Education I started at Koboko primary school which found in Hai District after finished my primary education I was passed so I joined atMrerenSecondary School. Due to poor condition of My father he failed to afford me for school fees .But l got special person who was the one who helps me for school fees and this person is Mo Stephenie Malahaff, She is the one who assist me from Secondary School until now.  I real appreciate her and I hope God will pay her for the kind she show to me and other children. Then after finished my Secondary School I didn’t got enough marks to go  to Advance level but I joined at Intel training Center for Computer Course I sturdded there for three month after finished I got a Certificate .There after I joined at Saint Jose Training Center for Secretarial Course I sturded for one year and  half after finished I got a Certificate .Also her Mom Stephanie was the one who assist me for school fees .For now I’m willing to go to university to take a Diploma in Accounting because I already got a Certificate and this will be in October but for now the problem is school fees and other contribution .If I will get that I will be happy because I think if I will get high education it be easy to change my life, my family life, together with my Society and fulfill my dreams .I Will like to give out my appreciation to Mom Stephanie for all kindness she show to me .She is lovely Mama I real love her.


Costs for school for one year: in 2013

School Fees:                  TSH 750,000

Transportation:                       360,000

Food (lunch only):                 600,000

Uniform:                                  60,000

Misc school supplies           ________