We at KSF Tuition Project feel that funding students to study is a good investment in progress and hope. Tanzanian secondary schools are conducted in English and English fluency along with a secondary education offer children the possibility to engage with the international community and economies in the future. Interestingly adults who have been to school are committed to the same for their children, choosing to limit family size due to educational costs but also greater economic hope. Bill Clinton in his book ‘Giving’ states that each year of schooling can increase a child’s future economic earning potential by 10%.


Schooling also provides a boost in self-esteem and a sense of belonging and pride in goal achievement for children who have suffered significant loss early in life. Over the years we have witnessed positive growth and development, greater eye contact, greater facility in English and a sense of accomplishment with many students. We look forward to course completions and graduations to come.


We are grateful for the donations which we receive. They are applied in full toward school fees and support for up to 50 Kilema students referred for particular assistance. Donations are processed through CACHA, a registered charity # 86288 9755 RR0001, for a charitable tax receipt. CACHA receives 10% of all donations to KSF and directs these proceeds toward their many African community health initiatives.


All flights, ground transport and logistical costs are covered separately and privately by the Project coordinator and those accompanying.


Thank you for your contributions! And to all past contributors to this program since 2007, our thanks.


There are two ways to donate.


1. Online

To donate, visit
You will receive your tax receipt immediately after concluding the donation process.


2. By Cheque made out to:    CACHA

Write in memo :  Kilema Support Fund Tuition Project
Send to : CACHA ( Canada Africa Community Health Alliance)
2310 St Laurent Blvd, Suite 318
Ottawa, Ontario,  K1G 5H9