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Welcome to the KSF Sponsored Students page where you can review the social, educational and KSF funding histories of each student and see what success they have achieved. Enrollment in school the world over gives children a sense of belonging, purpose and hope for a future with possibilities. Despite numerous challenges the children here, with the help of KSF donors, have had a chance to participate in shaping their future. Please note that provision of personal information and photos have been limited to respect the privacy of each student.

Francis is just one! A vigorous and enthusiastic student with a broad smile he was enrolled at Bishop Durning School in Arusha Tanzania and has completed his last year studying primary education. Next year he will be instructing in the classroom and on a past visit with him Chris and Sasha were shown an array of teaching resources he has created. One to teach electricity theory, another an idea tree to help with writing. Francis, a full orphan, was boarding in Arusha away from caregivers in the Kilema area. He was a KSF-sponsored graduate from Ifati School, Kilema before arriving to Bishop Durning teacher college. There he was well liked and was the ‘first boy’, a position of leadership and excellence. It has been a privilege to see him grow and develop in his career choice.




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