In Praise of Richard Corman




Not everyone will know that  Richard C. is our IT guy!  Early in the fall he begins what has become an annual recovery of laptops for donation to our two computer labs at Ifati and Rukima Secondary Schools as well as Kilimanjaro Youth Technical Training Center (KYTTC).  He has been scouring the web for used laptops on government auction, cleaning, reloading and getting them  ready for us to transport to Tanzania.  And when I asked for projectors this year,  Richard again pored over the internet to find some amazing, low cost, bomb proof technologies that could work in rural Africa.  He has loaded computers, lovingly adding photos of Canadian animals and video clips of life on the west coast.  Hats off for all that effort!  Take a look at the results……..

We delivered 1 projector and 4 laptops to KYTTC where the computer lab is now the biggest draw for enrollment at the vocational school.  Instructor, Annie, always has things in hand and we were impressed that our shared goals for the lab, student access and learning, appeared to be being reached.










We also donated 3 laptops and 1 projector to Ifati and Rukma government secondary schools.  The program there does not seem to be running as smoothly, with only Form 4 student having access and few student files to view. Some of the computers were not working but only required quick updates.  Most of the working computers were at the homes of teachers when we arrived, but keep in mind Christmas just passed and nothing of value would be left in a government school for fear of theft.   Fortunately Annie  agreed to make a joint visit with us  to these schools,  and also agreed to lend all her teaching materials as well as other supports to Ifati’s new computer teachers.  Both Annie and Avelin will follow up with these schools and see how they are using the machines and do minor repair in the future.












Huge thanks to you, Richard, for every contribution you have made over the years…..and that’s many!



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