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Hujambo! We have spent over a weeks time in the Kilema area. Observers and teachers to different audiences; guests. We say “hodi” when entering into other people’s homes and then, without hesitation, we are warmly welcomed (“Karibu!” as the Africans say) into their home, garden, school or elsewhere. We spent two mornings tutoring students before classes officially began; the experience a challenging one. I feel, the need to do more, help more; on some level wanting to be here to witness the change. It is not a realistic approach  though, as we are here for a short time. I’ve had to remind myself that everything helps in some way, even if it ‘feels’ like I am not doing enough because what really is enough?

Day one of tutoring the students was like watching caterpillars turn into butterflies. Slow moving at first but once change began to happen, the children were fluttering with enthusiasm. There were so many bright, capable students eager to learn how to spread their wings. On some level we helped and we supported their growth, even if the support did not feel as grand as I’m used to.

Day two was breezier because my expectations were not as high. My mind moved to a realistic approach of providing support, and along with the mental shift, there was continuity. Here we go again! A-B-C-D…..1-2-3-4…RED-BLUE-GREEN-PINK…grammar correction…conversation practice…games… The continuity was welcomed; I really enjoyed seeing the kids for a second time and think they appreciated it too. I hope to do more teaching while in Kilema and I know I will experience the warm African “Karibu” welcome again.











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