Augustine Shayo learns about computers

I was introduced to Augustine by Stephanie on the 2nd day of our stay at Kilema hospital.   Augustine is an important cog in the OVC machinery for Stephanie and the team.   He is a HBC (Home Based Care) volunteer who lives just below Kilema hospital in Mullo village which is a 40 minute walk through a beautiful valley below Kisuluni Primary and Secondary school.    Augustine is an important “:man on the ground” for Stephanie when when she arrives in Kilema as he is integral in her work to track down sponsored students and an important liaison and translator when she performs home visits.  Much of the OVC work would more difficult if not for Augustine’s work in helping the team.

Augustine has had a long-term interest in learning more about computers and when David arrived with 2 laptops, he jumped at the chance to learn more about how computers work.   David and the girls (Eva and Caroline) sat with Augustine for many hours showing him how to use e-mail, document programs, internet browsers and other tools.   He was a very attentive student and learned a lot in the days that we were together.

He has now joined the world of the e-mail and can be reached at [email protected].   He currently does not have a computer but will be accessing e-mail by visiting a local Vocational school.

As I am teaching Augustine about computers, this blog is also a teaching tool for him and he is contributing to this blog below in Swahili.

For those of you that would like to translate, you can use Google Translate ( to find out what he has written below:

From the keyboard of Augustine Shayo:

Thank  for being together  David Marry and Stephanie I will work both for home visit until you leave.   We have great number watoto yatima kwa mfano Mandaka wameongezeka na kufikia mia na tano mwishoni mwa mwaka 2011 pia kwa wale walioshinda wamekosa nafasi ya kuendelea na masomo kutokana na ukosefu wa Ada 

The student is focused on his next lesson.

David and Augustine – January-2012

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