Zena is the shy granddaughter of a very hardworking woman who earns her living farming and recently digging irrigation ditches. In the last three months her income was $100,000. The grandmother has 4 other children, her own, in various levels of school. While the grandmother can supply small needs through the year she was unable to cover the cost of schooling and so Zena wsa referred to KSF by Augustine HBC in 2008. In 2011 she is now completing her final year of electrical training at Hai Vocational and Kilimanjaro soon will have another qualified electrician!

KSF Summary

Sponsored Student: Zena
Gender: female
Referred by:Augustine
Social History: cared for by grandparents with 4 other children
Home visits:2008 and 2009

KSF Tuition Project Funding History:

$116,500 School fees Kyytc Vocational
$9,000 Field trip and overalls

Total/08 $125,500

$318,000 School fees Kyttc Vocational
$24,000 grad fees
given dictionary, shirt, shoes, counterbooksx3, pens and pencils

Total/09 $342,000

$326,000 school fees Kyttc Vocational
$15,000 shoes
$15,000 exam fees, transport
given bags, pens, counterbooksx3 white shirts

Total/10 $ 356,000

Jan 11
$110,000 items for boarding ie mattress
$660,000 School fees for Hai Vocational
Given: bag, 2-4 quire counterbooks, 12 exercise books, shoes

Total/11 $770,000



no funding provided

Educational Achievement :
Has been proceeding with competency through vocational training
In 2010 could:
-prep diagram and install electric bells and indicator board
-prep block diagram and bend PVC conduits
-bend metal conduits
terminate metal conduits
terminate flexible joints
2011- Completed coursework at Kyytc (3rd ) and final year electrical required in Moshi Hai Voc.


Unfortunately for personal reasons Zena was unable to complete her final year (4th) of electrical studies.  She was within 2 months of completing the course.  Still she does have a 3 year certificate which will be useful and may pursue a repeat of the final year with other sponsorship(non KSF) in the future.

Educational Goals:

Educational Outcomes: 3 year course electrical diploma