Stephen was referred to the KSF program by nurse Mama Kessy in 2008 as a full orphan under the care of his aunt and uncle in Kyura who have 6 other children. He has one brother who is not well. He wore frayed green school pants, his only pair, at our first meeting and presented as an avid and capable learner. Year after year he among the top of his class. By Jan 2010 he had completed to Form 4 and succeeded in passing on to Form 5, something only a small number of students succeed in doing. His goal after finishing form 6 is to proceed to college, to become a secondary school teacher and beyond he aspires to a degree in law. He is a radiant person.

KSF Summary

Gender: Male
Referred by: Mama Kessy
Caregiver: Aunt/uncle
Social History: Aunt/uncle have 6 other children. Pole mud house. Brother ill
Home visits:0

KSF Tuition Project Funding History:

$316,000 School fees Kisomachi Secondary F2
given: bag, shirt shoes, pens pencils, note books, church clothes

Total/08 $316,000

$395,000 School fees Kisomachi Sec. F3
$10,000 Pocket money
$25,000 Safari field trip
given : bag, dictionary, counterbooks x3, pens, pencil, eraser, clothes

Total/09 $430,000


$740,000 school and boarding fees Kisomachie
$10,000 lock and soap
$15,000 shoes
Given: Counterbooksx3 school supplies, shirtsx2

Total/10 $765,000

$3,000 student picture and passport
$40,000 uniform
$20,000 transport to Arusha
$1,426,000 School fees Mairiva school Arusha

Total/11 $1,489,000


Jan 2012

$ 160,000 transport to Arusha, shoes, calculator, tuition from 2011

$ 1,448,000  Mairiva School tuition fees Form 6.

$150,000  Contribution to schooling.

Total/12 $1,758,000

Stephen was also given a backpack, pens, pencils shirtsx2, and coiunterbooksx5.

2012/As Stephen does each year, he arrived to Kilema Hospital to greet the KSF Tuition Project coordinator and present  results below.  Stephen continues to do well and is an enthusiastic student and advocate for his educational goals.






2013  Year I St. Augustine University

$1,000,000 Fees St Augustine

Stephen completed his Form 6 and is now enrolled at St Augustine University at Milimbe near Tabora.

2014  Year II  St. Augustine University

First of all thanks for your email, Am very happy to read from you,I have read your email and i appreciate your effort towards me,and your interest to assist me.I would like to tell you that on 4 September i when  am going to start my studies but  in order to do so i beg your support.Also am very sup prize and wondering to hear that  you support my fellow orphans here at university thanks a lot and keep on that courage towards us, so i would like you to let me know him or her so that we may cooperate to together as a children from one family under your influence,thanks very much and wish you all the best toward your courage to us, greet all my friends there in canada including sasha,reyna,ricky and others who know me.


tuition first term ……..$1,863,000

tuition second term ..$1,600,000

We had the opportunity  to do a home visit with Stephen’s grandmother this year and were warmly welcomed by family at Legho village. Home visits are essential to evaluate the appropriateness of funding.

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$150,000 school fee Augustine University

$1,500,000 School fees Augustine University

Educational Achievement : consistentlyC+- B overall student (excellent in Tanzania).  Completed Form 6 .  Enrolled in 2st year at St Augustine University and studying education.

View the St. Augustine University website at:


Educational Goals:
college, secondary school teacher, lawyer