Perhaps the best performing student in KSF Tuition Project and the only son of a mother who is ill,
Max has been funded since 2008 when he was referred to the program because of his academic potential but family financial strain. He has excelled at one of Tanzania’s best schools, St. James Seminary and then was transferred to Umboni near Marangu last year. He spoke of his wish to continue studies to become a doctor.

Sponsored Student:Max
Referred by:Mama Kessy
Social History:
Home visits:none

KSF Tuition Project Funding History:


$220,000 School fees St. James Seminary
$147,000 School fees St. James

$475,000 School Fees St. James

$478,000 Fees St. James

$800,000 School fees Uumboni Form 4


Update: waiting for exam results.  Mother brought in chicken to thank KSF and Canadians who have helped her son.

$150,000 contribution toMajengo Secondary government school in Moshi, though waiting for full tuition payment to occur. $ 1,600,000

Max also recieved counterbooks, shirts and sweater pens pencils.

Total 2012-$150,000




Educational Achievement : B/A student consistently
Educational Goals:
medical doctor

Student’s Thoughts: