Margareth has consistently been a C at Mrereni secondary school, which in Tanzania is well above average. Referred to the program by local HBC (home based care) worker having lost her mother and her father being only able to provide small things. Her father’s house is well maintained mud and pole but there is very little property for farming and father works as a shoemaker. She has completed Form 4 in 2011 and is interested in beginning computers studies. She is well spoken and assertive at school.

Sponsored Student: Martha
Referred by:HBC
Social History:
Home visits:2011

KSF Tuition Project Funding History:


$159,000 school fees Mreremi Form 2
shoes/white shirts/notebooks/pens/pencils/bag

$10,000 school field trip
$145,000 fees Mrereni Form 3

$10,000 pocket money
Has enrolled in secretary /computer training. For reimbursment. San Jose Training Trust.


Update:  Margareth is staying with an aunt in Moshi while she studiesSan Jose Training Trust .  She will complete her course work in May after which she has a practicum for three months.

Skills she has learned:

Communication skills

Computer skills/intro/excel/word

Bookeeping- can create a balance sheet

Commerce /production, commercial activity, retail trade

Commercial mathematics

Short hand or hatimakato in swahili



$27,000 Dictionary and atlas

$400,000 San Jose Training Trust Secretary School fees 2011

$291,000 San Jose  Training Trust secretary school fees 2012

Total 2012 /$781,000


Educational Achievement :
Above average student and class leader in 2010.  Will complete secretarial studies in May 2012!

Educational Goals:
Further studies/computer tech



Margareta has come up to Kilema to greet us and as a bright student she wishes to continue to study after completing two years of computer courses at San Jose. She has always been an ambition student and has succeeded well academically. She now has moved to an academic level that is beyond the scope of our KSF Tuition Project so We have asked her to tell her story and she typed it in herself with her now excellent computer skills. It is her aim to study accounting and feels this will give her a better chance at a better job and greater independence.

Please refer to Students Seeking Sponsorship on the home page where Margareta’s story, goals and tuition needs are outlined.

Please contact us if you have any questions or have an interest in helping this student, who we have followed for five year, reach her educational goals, future economic security and autonomy.