Jonas was one of many students from Ifati and Rukima schools referred to the program by Exupery Mosha who presented to the program as a last resort.  He had recieved numerous petitions for help and had no access to any resources himself to help students continue in school.  Almost 30 students were assisted in these two schools by KSF as a result of this visit.


Sponsored Student: Jonas

Gender: male

Referred by:  Local councilman Exupery Mosha

Caregiver: mother

Social History: OVC

Home visits: none to date


KSF Tuition Project Funding History:


$115,000 Tution fees Ifati School Form 2


$122,000 Tuition fees Ifati school Form 3


$142,000 Tuition Fee  Ifati School Form4

recieved 3 counterbooks

Passed Form 4 with div.3 22PGM  (good- and enough to be accepted into a government school.



$360,000 Tution and boarding needs for Musoma Secondary Form 5

$45,000  Textbooks example of list of needs…

The deadline to report to school is April 15, 2011 so almost one week remaining
70,000/= school fess pay year.
Other school contribution
30,000/= scientific calculator
5,000/= caution money
5,000/= identity card
10,000/= taaluma
5,000/= security
2,000/= nembo
15,000/= ukarabati
1,500/= ndoo
3,500/= sare za michezo
6,000/= ream paper
1,500/= fagio
16,000/= school shirt
20,000/= school trouser
15,000/= school shoes
10,000/= school sweater
50,000/= transport from moshi to musoma
10,000/= sheet
15,000/= tracker
50,000= pocket money


$50,000  transportation cost to Msoma from school for holidays

$93,000  Msoma  school fees

$70,000  Msoma school fees

$50,000 pocket money for personal support costs

$50,000 transportation costs to return to school




$235,000  Fees Monduli Teachers College

$350,000  School Contributions Monduli Teachers College


Hello mama? for my side am fine and i thanks God that am going well
with my studies, also i like to inform you that we are are going to
finish-up this term by starting terminal examination from 3-11-2014
and then we start a long holiday. we i`ll open the college next year
on January that will be my last term to end-up this course of diploma
in secondary education. please i bag your to continue to give me more


ok madam am ready and i will be happy for that. it my drram that one
> day i will help others as the impacts of your care and sponsership.
> concerning about my accademic performance we had second year entry
> examination last two month i mean on july 8 up 25. in my subjects i
> score 7Bs and 3 Cs that enable me to enter second year for academic
> study. also i like to inform you that we will have a holiday on
> december up to january. thank much mama wasalimie wote huko kwenu


$300,000 School fees Monduli Teacher College

Jonus is done with his diploma course and for my understanding of education system here in Tanzania he need to work for atleast 2 years  then after getting experience he can continue with bachelor degree.

Educational  Achievement : Teachers College:  2 yrs Diploma …..Congratulations!!!




Jonus in classroom on practicum.  He is now teaching at Anjelico Lipain School and can  teach primary English medium, Geography, Math, Sport, Personal Development.

Educational Goals:  Further study


Student’s Thoughts: