Student:  IDDA

Referral : Exupery Mosha 2008

Family: father disabled

HOME VISIT: yes 2009


Her Story

Dear Friend,

My name is Idda  and I am twenty year’s old.  I am the last born of my family of seven children.  I have two sisters and four brothers.  My mother’s name is D. and my father’s name is N.  In our family I am the only one who got education.  I have studied my primary education at Kilai Primary School for seven years.  After I finished my primary education in 2007, I selected to join with a secondary education at Rukima Secondary School.  I studied there for four years from form one up to form four.

According to my results of form four, I decided to join with University of Library Archives and Documentation Studies (SLADS) which is in Bagamoyo.  Bagamoyo is very far from my village so I would need to board there to go to school  I cannot afford to do this because of a lack of school fees and transportation costs to get  to Bagamoyo.

If I am able to get my SLADS Diploma I would like to work at the Library to store books which contain information about our cultural and recording keeping,  also to classify books and catalog books

In our family my parents are farmers of small agriculture and that is why they have no money to pay school fees for me.There are four people who live in my house.  My house is made of wood and lava rock.  We have one cow and two sheep.  There is a stream near my house where we collect water.  We grow maize, bananas and coffee on our plot for our family to eat.

So I write this story to you in order that you might be able to give me your assistance please.  At the university we will learn for three years, one year for a certificate and then two years for the Diploma.

So my friend, please help me to save my life with education and I welcome you to come to Tanzania.  I live in Kilimanjaro region at Ruwa Village.

KSF Sponsorship History

2008 :

Rukima Secondary school fees, Form 1,  counter books x3


Rukima Secondary  fees,  Form 2, counter book x3


Rukima Secondary fees, Form 3


Rukima Secondary School Fees , counter books x3


Did not pass Form 4 but  awaiting funding for Librarianship program.


Wishing to study: University of Library, Archives and           Documentation Studies, Bagamoyo , Tanzania,  3 year program. Started first year program assisted by other sponsor.


Currently Idda has successfully completed her first year of these studies at Bagamoyo and received her certificate.  She received funding from another sponsor who agreed to pay for her first year but is unable to continue funding subsequent years.  Kilema Support Fund encourages students to find other  avenues of funding particularly if family comes into income.  We are waiting for updates.  She wishes to continue to complete her diploma, another 2 years.