Deo Honest

Deo Honest is quick with a disarming smile. Despite the challenges faced after being injured by falling rock in a lava mine, which resulted in the loss of a leg, he has proceeded with his studies. Though he has both parents they are poor subsistence farmers and  the plight of a disabled child in the Tanzania is difficult.  Deo merited assistance.

Deo had had to walk with crutches 2 km back and forth to school since outgrowing the prosthetic he was fitted for in 2008. His challenge was discussed with Home Based Care and it was decided that Honest should be boarded at school to maximize his success and reduce the difficulty and time spent walking. He enrolled at Lombeta Secondary School in 2011 and completed his studies up to Form 4 or Grade 11, sponsored by Kilema Support Fund Tuition Project.

In Deo’s final year, fellow students insisted he had to act to get a new leg and offered to engage in fundraising to help contribute.  After waiting until his growth was complete-he had grown remarkably since 2008- Deo was fitted for another prosthetic leg in 2014 with the help of Canadian prosthetic technician, Geoff Hall of Victoria and the KSF volunteer team that year.


Sponsored Student:DeoHonest
Referred by: CACHA: surgical mission 2008/Stephanie
Caregiver: mother father: farmers
Social History: disabled
Home visits:2009 cement block, corrogated metal roof, well kept
School visit: 2010/2011

KSF Tuition Project Funding History:

KSF Tuition Project Funding History:

2008   Funded for a prosthetic leg


2010  Funded at Pakula Secondary Form 1school fees. Repair to prosthetic leg.

2011  Funded at Lombeta Secondary Form 2 school fees + boarding fees.  He is moving around on crutches therefore requires boarding school.  Received shirts, counter books, dictionary pens pencils, uniform.

2012   Funded for boarding school at Lombeta Secondary Form 3 in Kilema District.  He is very well liked by his headmaster.  Main complaint is reduced mobility as he no longer fits his prosthetic leg due to growth.

2013   Funded at Lombeta School for Form 4.  Continues to need a prosthetic and other school students are advocating for Deo.  They will attempt to fundraise to begin the process.  Deo continues well with his studies and we will await Form 4 results.

2014   Deo passed Form 4. Check out blogs ‘Partnerships’ and ‘Who’s got the leg?’ that describe the experience of helping Deo get fitted for a new prosthetic leg!  A great success!

2015   Not in school …Currently waiting for funding.


Educational Achievement: Passed Form 4



Deo and therapist working through rehabilitation

Deo and therapist working through rehabilitation

In 2014 Deo was fitted with an artificial leg made available through donations from Canada.  This will give him a greater mobility as he continues on with his education now that he has completed Form 4. 

Next Steps for Deo?

A recent message from our Tanzania KSF field staff:

“Dear Stephanie!

I hope you are doing well.
Regarding Deo Kundi he went to Kilema College of Health Science at Kilema hospital, he want to pursue certificate of Laboratory technician which will take 2 years.
College fees is Tuition fee and college contributions are  ( NACTE, graduation fee, students union fee, health insurance, procedure books and practicum guides, lab consumables etc).
The English and computer course was just for 3 months maybe we can extend it until July? Because the kilema college will start in October 2016.”
“Deo kundi went to Kilema Last week to meet with Dr Victor as well as asking for join instruction at Kilema college.
They have two intakes, first one is on 18th April 2016 and second one is on October 2016.
Here are the breakdowns of costs:-
1) College fee and hostel per year 2,530,000
2) College contributions per year 671,000
3) Field attachment per year 200,000
4) College uniforms and stationaries  200,000
5) Food per 8 months of school @ 5,000 per day is 1,200,000
6) Registration fee 30,000
                                                 TOTAL COSTS PER YEAR 4,831,000
What is your advice on his choice?
Am waiting to hear from you.”

We will work to see he achieves his goal!