A vulnerable fellow when referred by Sr. Adelaide of Kilema Hospital in 2008, Henry spent 2 years at Olaleni school but failed to achieve academically and transferred to vocational school to study mechanics. In 2011 he will complete his second year and while waiting for classes to start last January obtained his drivers license so he can test drive the cars he fixes !

Sponsored Student: Henry
Gender: Male
Referred by: Sr. Adelaide
Caregiver: none
Social History: full orphan
Home visits:0


Educational Achievement :
Attendence %94, Competent, good character, can
-change and replace oil filter
-service batteries
-service water cooling system
-service fuel system
passed at trade theory, math, science, english, tech drawing

2011 Completed Drivers licence

Educational Goals:

Certified Mechanic



KSF Tuition Project Funding History:

Olaleni Secondary school fees
shoes, notebooks, shirts, school supplies

Olaleni Secondary school fees
grad fees

pocket money
Kyttc Vocational school fees
shoes,pocket money, exam fees
school fee

VETA tech. form fee
food allowance x 1month
Kilimanjaro Driving School fees(1 month)
Kyttc vocational fees
school contribution


mattress, bus fare, shirt, overalls, sweater, pocket money

2012 Update: In the past year 2011 Henry Shayo did not attend school and possibly was working in Arusha despite fees being paid for him.  It remains unclear how this happened after meeting with him in 2011.  This year Henry has agreed to return to Mandaka Vocational  to continue his mechanic training and the school will kindly  reimbuse last years paid tuition .  Thank you Headmaster George Shirima!!