Happiness V.

Happiness V. was referred to the KSF Tuition Project by Sr. Clarissa, administrator of Kilema Hospital.  Happiness is an older student at 20 years old and as with many students due to poverty or family difficulties or loss are unable to continue with studies.  She is a bright and focused student  who has commenced  studies again in Form 1 or grade 8 at Lombeta School as a boarding student with KSF paying for schooling and Sr. Clarissa paying for boarding fees.  In subsequent years, KSF has fully funded this student for tuition and boarding.

Sponsored Student: Happiness V.

Gender: Female

Referred by: Sr. Clarissa

Caregiver: mother/father

Social History: poor

Home visits: None


 Student’s Thoughts:

I am Happiness V. S. at the beginning I was working as a waiter at Kilema hospital canteen, I was eager to speak English when I hear other people speaking, my desire was to be a nurse so that I can ware white gown or becoming a doctor and ware white coat but unfortunately my parents were poor and they did not have ability to support me for school.

All the time I saw the Canadians coming to Kilema and In charge of Kilema hospital Sr. Dr Clarissa Mchallo was kind especially for vulnerable children and orphans she helped me  to get sponsorship in 2010 from Mama Stephanie.

Mama Stephanie called me and took a picture of me and in 2011 through KSF I started form one at Lombeta Secondary school, my performance was good mostly in form two when I did national examination and was selected to join form three in 2013 where I took Science subjects and In 2014 I did form four national examinations and come out with flying Angels.

I thank God for everything and am praying for my sponsors who dedicated their donations to support me up to this point.

Am still requesting support so that I can continue with my studies and reach my dream of becoming a doctor.


, Jul 24, 2015 at 8:28 PM, stephanie malahoff

Hello Happiness,

Yes we will support you.  Either at Form v or if you wish to study for medicine .  Where would you consider studying medicine?  Would you have to complete Form 5 and Form 6 first? Likely yes.  Please continue and let us know when your fees will be due.  Can we pay half year at a time?
Happiness, I am not sure if you have written a family story yet but can yon write a history about yourself and where you come from? Tell us about your place of birth , family, circumstance, relatives.  And career goals please.
Well done binti!

On Monday, July 27, 2015, Happy V

Hi mama,

Thank you for your support. I really expect to study medicine first rather than form five and form six, and I applied to NACTE ( National Council for Technical Education) to join clinical medicine college/ Nursing college. We expect that within August this year, we shall know where I am selected because I proposed three colleges that I wish to take my study but NACTE will provide only one college among those colleges proposed. About fee structure, It is difficult for me to know once at a time, so let me wait so that I will know how much I can pay, coz each college has its own fee structure.  Yes mama, you can pay half year at a time or 50% of the total fee for each semester or more than 50% of the total fee ( many of the colleges). Mama, I am Sorry, can I let you know my history as soon as possible?

Sept 14,2015

Happiness S. she has been selected to join Clinical medicine in Dodoma.

Educational  Achievement : Very good student, has completed Form 4

Educational Goals:   doctor


KSF Funding Tuition Project Funding History


$300,000 Tuition Lombeta Secondary School Form 1-  Boarding school

$10,000  Contribution to Lombeta School

$20,000  Pocket money


$724,000 Lombeta Secondary School Form 2-  Boarding school


$770,000 Lombeta Secondary Form 3-  Boarding school


$1,015,000 Lombeta School Form 4-  Boarding school


$1,000,000  NACTE Mvumbi College, Dodoma – clinical medicine

$920,000 owing  – to complete full year tuition