Godfrey N


Godfrey is a students referred to KSF Tuition in 2008 by a local council member, Exupery Mosha, who could see that the local poorly funded  government run schools were slowly losing more resources because of families inability to pay tuition.  While the school administrators try to carry students who do not pay school fees, this loss of income weakens the schools ability to perform over time.

Godfrey’s mother works as a farmer, growing bananas on a 1/4 acre shamba or plot.  A branch of bananas will sell in the local market for $3 after which they are transported by private traders to the capital city for resale at great profit.  The mother is the only breadwinner.


 Home Visit:  Required


Currently living in an Arusha hostel while attending first year at Mt Meru University north of Arusha, a private university.  He is studying for a Bachelor of Education in Mathematics.  Godrey passed Form 6 in Division 3 with 15 points.  He was selected for Mt. Meru by the government.  When he graduates he will be able to teach at seondary schools, advanced Form 5 and Form 6 levels and in college.

He is receiving a governmentt loan which pays for half his costs.  For example the  government provided 980,000 per year for tuition and 450,000 for meals and boarding every 3 months.

Godfrey’s year will complete in June and his second year begins in October 2014.  He is doing very well at school, is a fast learner and appeared happy,  healthy and eager when we met with him in Moshi January 2104.  Though we planned for a home visit to meet his mother we were unable to do it due to scheduling.  Will attempt to visit next year.

Thank you to Mary Todd and friends, Rob and Cindy, who donated  laptop for Godfrey !  Godfrey reports that many of the laptop programs are used at his school.  Also thanks to Lachlan Fraser , who provided the computer orientation which I think Godfrey found quite helpful.   Congratulations to Godfrey for your excellent academic record and hard work.






















Funding History


Fees/ Form 2 -Ifati School + 3 counter books 


Fees/ Form 3  Ifati school  +3 counter books


Fees/  Form 4  Ifati School  +3 counter books


 Fees/ Transport  Form 5   Msoma Secondary,   Msoma is  by Lake Victoria (appointed by  government.)   


Fees/Contributions/Transport/  Form 6 Msoma Secondary          


Transport back from school Lake Victoria.   Received funding from Government of Tanzania to study at Mt. Meru University.  Started October 2013.


Fee portion/ Food extra / Mt Meru University

 ,Asus laptop computer and internet modem for studies from  English donors, facilitated by Mary Todd