Franki Teaches School in Katavi


Student Success!!  

Now Francis is a primary teacher at Isumbwe Primary School , Katavi Region on Lake Tanganyika!!

Francis is just one!   A vigorous and enthusiastic student with a broad smile he was enrolled at Bishop Durning School in Arusha Tanzania and completed his studies to be a primary school teacher.   Now he is  instructing in the classroom. A few years ago Chris and Sasha visited Francis and were shown an array of teaching resources he had created, one to teach electricity theory, another an idea tree to help with writing.   Francis was boarding in Arusha, away from caregivers in the Kilema area.    He was a KSF-sponsored graduate from Ifati School, Kilema before arriving to Bishop Durning teacher college.   There he was well liked and was the ‘first boy’, a position of leadership and excellence. It has been a privilege to see him grow and develop in his career choice.

Sponsored Student: Francis
Gender: male
Referred by: Mama Kessy


Educational Achievement :
Headmaster reported that Francis was a strong student, well behaved and respectful of school regulation. He was motivated and appreciates this opportunity.  Graduated May 9, 2012. Primary school teacher!

Educational Goals:  Achieved!
Francis  completed courses Bishop Durning  School and is currently working as an  elementary school teacher in Katavi region at Lake Tanganyika.  After gaining experience, Francis would like to proceed to for secondary training and possibly teach at the university in the future.

KSF Tuition Project Funding History:

Ifati School Fees



Bishop Durning School Fees
-exercise books/pen
-photocopy paper
-bus fare /pocket money


practicum costs
pocket money
transport/fee contributions
Bishop Durning tuition


Update :  Franki continues to be on track to graduate as a primary school teacher this May 9th.  He has emailed extending an invitation to his graduation ceremony in Arusha!  He particularly expressed thanks to Canadians who have provided funding for his schooling and he hopes after a few years gaining teaching experience to continue on with educational studies.  KSF has offered to provide teaching aids and materials for his first primary class.

Jan /12


exam and mock fees

Bishop Durning School -2nd term fees