Ambrose is now a towering young man with greater confidence having completed three years of vocational studies in construction in the Kilimanjaro Youth Technical Training Centre in Mandaka. He lives in the same area and has only a mother to help with support. His mother is a small subsistence farmer and obtains income working on other farms as a day labourer. She takes care of an elderly mother and four children/grandchildre in total, two of whom have no other outside support. She has hypertension. They live in a one room house made of pole and mud.
Though Ambrose has completed 3rd year construction studies he wishes to proceed to 4th year studies at Msinga vocational School in Kibosho for needed courses. Boarding.

Sponsored Student: Ambrose
Referred by:Augustine- Home Based Care Worker
Caregiver: Mother with many dependents
Social History:
Home visits: simple, pole and mud old roof ,orderly, tended.

HOME VISIT: Completed   2008/2011


Outcome 2012: A graduate builder.  In January 2012 we visited Ambrose at his mother’s  and one room mud house  and congratulated him on his graduation  and builders certificate.  At the time Ambrose was trying to decide whether to accept a job locally, building a new church, or to travel to Arusha and begin working in construction with his brother at higher pay level.  KSF Tuition Project offered to loan Ambrose start up money to purchase tools he would need to start work. In March 2012 we heard he had chosen to work in Arusha and had not accepted the loan offer.   We wish him good luck and will try to visit him in Arusha next January to see his progress.

KSF Tuition Project Funding History:

School fees Kilimanjaro Youth Technology Training Center (KYTTC) vocational
school supplies, shoes, overalls, field trip costs

KYTTC vocational school bag, shirts, church pants, notebooks/counter books pens/pencils
foot tracing done for shoes

School fees KYTTC vocational year 3
notebooks/counterbooks, shoes, shirts

Costs related to boarding,ID, field trip, mattress bedding,treatment fee, uniform,shoes,notebooks hoe/panga,
Tuition fee Msinga Vocational school Year 4

Educational Achievement : Diploma vocational in building