Sponsored Student: Lilian
Gender: Female
Referred by: Diocese
Caregiver: 0
Social History: 0
Home visits: 0

KSF Tuition Project Funding History:

2008: 0

2009: 0


$781, 000-School fees

$30,000-Pocket money

$55,000-Pocket money/shoes


$144,000-Uniform etc.

$1,050,000School fees: Edward Rice Sinon Arusha, Form 5

P1020259 P1020274

2012 Edward Rice Sinon Arusha…..Form 6

2013 Josiah Kibera University ………Yr 1

Funded $2.050,000 for full year studies including accommodation and food.

2014  Lilian is attending Josiah Kibera University Yr 2

Funded $2,000,000 for full year studies

“Thankx very much mom i have received an attachment of my fees and
accomodation from Avelin  may God bless you abundantly.” Lilian

Educational Achievement:  Good student

Educational Goals: Form 6, College, Wants to be a lecturer in education.

Student’s Thoughts: